Aside from the design, safety and durability are the two major factors you need to think about when choosing a carpet for your house. Indeed, you need to have a high-quality carpet for it to last longer. One of the spots in your home that usually has high traffic is your stairs. If you incorporate it with a low-quality carpet, it can cause it to be easily worn out. As a result, I will need to be replaced frequently, which can actually be expensive.  

Even if the carpet’s quality is very important as you shop for one, it’s also as important to think about the kind of stairs you have since various stairs have varying needs. To know the different types of stairs and which one to choose as your stair carpet, here are some of them you can consider: 

Stairs that have several landings 

This stair’s landings are what make its carpeting. When it comes to this stair type, you need to measure the riser, the landing, and the tread separately. Similar to the spiral stair, you also need to cut each carpet pads and adhere them on every step. 

Spiral stairs 

It can be quite challenging to install carpet if you have a spiral staircase than having straight ones. Spiral staircases are well-known design from the medieval era, which have been utilized in several apartments all over the world because it helps save space. Because this staircase is usually comprised of open-backed stairs, you need to trim the carpet pads based on the measurement of every step and then adhere to it.  

Curved stairs 

Having a curved stair is great since it speaks of elegance and it’s very classy. For this, you might want to make this staircase as your home’s focal point. You can do this by installing a tailored design or a plush carpet.  

Straight stairs 

This type of stair is one of the mostly constructed stairs, particularly in American houses. The best carpet for straight stairs would be a carpet runner. But, when you prefer to have a fully covered stair, you may have to select a carpet that will be folded in one direction.  

Choosing the ideal carpet for your stairs will be based on the kind of stairs that you have in your home, the design that you’re aiming to have, and your budget. Thinking about such aspects discussed above can definitely assist you in deciding which type of carpet will complement and provide the needs of yourself and your family well. If you want more inquiries about the carpeting to be answered, reach us and visit our website at San Mateo Carpet Cleaning.  

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