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FEBRUARY 24, 2009 - Realtors Presentation

 Our thanks to the several commercial and industrial realtors who met at PARC today to review the 10 remaining properties we have for sale.  It was a good meeting and well-attended.  Real estate professionals are on the first tier between the investors / owners and the users / occupants, and many times they suffer the most when the economy is bad.  However, the realtors who visited PARC today were as a group upbeat, optimistic, and confident that our local market would rebound nicely over the next few months. 

We overheard more than one person say, “...things are pretty good locally, especially compared to what you see on television about the national markets...”.  This is a comment we have heard many times before.  The North Country isn’t quarantined from the rest of the world, but certainly there is a fair amount of insulation that does protect the local inflows and outflows from many of the national trends. 

A smart person once said, “There are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic time frames.”  So, if that is true, then we can still achieve the goals we have set for ourselves - the road might just be a little longer and bumpier than we would like.  But the road still is there, and still navigable. 

Thanks again to the realtors who were at PARC this morning.  There was a good exchange of information and ideas, lots of good questions, and a positive outlook for future opportunities.  We didn’t even have to resort to the many sugar-coated goodies we had available for snacks.  There was plenty of energy in the meeting room without them.  We wish our realtor friends much success in the coming months.  Investments in real estate, spending on new construction, creation of new jobs, and sales of goods and services, are all related and will help to fuel the North Country economic engine.

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