When the Plattsburgh Air Force Base closed in 1995, consultants predicted that redevelopment would take 25 years. But they underestimated the will of the North Country to recover.

PARC (the Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corp.) was created in 1995 to manage the redevelopment of the base, a 5,000-acre facility located adjacent to Lake Champlain. As the beneficiary of assets that included some of the finest aviation and multi-modal facilities in the United States, PARC spearheaded the economic resurgence of New York's Champlain Valley region. Over the past decade, more than 60 tenants in aerospace and rail transportation and in composites, market research, manufacturing, warehousing, high tech engineering, pharmaceuticals, health care, and varied other fields discovered the meaning behind our motto, "the PARC Advantage."  Thirteen years after closure, the former base is home to businesses, nonprofits, residential neighborhoods, community college facilities, and the new international airport. Indeed, once reuse reaches completion, PARC will have placed over $100 million of ratables on local tax rolls.

Fewer than 20 parcels (from among an original 195) remain to be sold for development and job creation.  They're all shovel-ready in prime locations. Therefore, if your company is seeking to relocate or expand to an area where the work ethic is unbeatable and the quality of life is unsurpassed, now's the time to give PARC a call.


PARC's Mission Statement

"Working together to develop new jobs and new opportunities for the social and economic well-being of the North Country, and doing so in a financially and environmentally sound manner."